This web app aims to collect evidence against employers who do not take the coronavirus threat seriously.

Is your boss still asking you to work during the lockdown?

Have you been fired during the lockdown?

Have you been sent on unpaid leaves during the lockdown?

Have your employer deducted your salary if you could not work during a lockdown?

This website is your secure platform where you can be the whistleblower and help other employees stand up for their rights.

Let's stand together!

Let's fight for our rights!

And Let's defeat COVID-19 together!

Note: This web app is 100% encrypted. All of your personal information will be 100% private and under no circumstances shared with anyone. You are requested to share authentic information only! Any fake review will be deleted. This web app is not intended to defame, or falsy accuse any employer or organization. This web app is not intended to spread panic or misleading information. We hold the right to withdraw this web app at any time without any prior notice.
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